Thursday, June 19

Todays works of Art

Chloe has been producing artworks by the dozen today. The picture above shows one. She has a magnetic doodle board thingie that she draws on and she's been using her blackboard too. Unfortunately, the works she produced while I was in the shower were on the sofa. So I had to spend my time cleaning up and not producing any of my own artworks!

This is a little taster of another work in progress. More information in a couple of weeks.


naomi said...

gorgeous painting! I hope you managed to get the paint off the sofa. Cant wait to see what you are making, the fabric is lovely!

Ansia said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. When it comes to sewing I am only really still learning, but it is becoming a real obsession. You are so clever. The things you make is so inspiring and I just love you choice of fabric. BTW, I was out shopping for an art easel this morning for my little girl who will be two in a few weeks. From you little girls response it looks like it may be a wise investment. Good luck with the paint on the sofa!

Fiona said...

I love your sewing,and your choice of fabric's you are very clever.
Which I could make the time to sew, have to stop making excusers.xx