Tuesday, June 17

Three little girls and one clever husband

Sam spent part of his weekend making this chalkoard easel for Chloe. I'm very impressed with it.
Today Chloe and her two best friends gave it a good workout. I wasn't brave enough to get out the paper and paint with three toddlers yet. Maybe tomorrow Chloe and I will have a painting session. Chloe is so into drawing and sticking at the moment I wonder if she has her mummys love of creating. She draws little squiggles and says they are fish (or, at least, pish).
I finished the blouse, but not until it was too dark to get a photo. It does look great on Chloe but really, if I'm honest could do with a bit more perfecting. I'll try to get a photo tomorrow.


ребëнок said...

Strange question, but where do you get your 'personalised tags' made up? I have been trying to source some where for a few weeks but with no luck!!
Would be great if you could point me in a direction!
Thanks ;-)

make it perfect said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog - how cute is that blackboard!
I remember checking out your etsy store when i first got into etsy and was looking at who was around locally. You make some really cute clothes! Where do you shop for your fabric? All so cute and vintage!
And your little girl is a sweetheart too! :)