Tuesday, June 24

Splish, splash, splurge.

I had a minor splurge yesterday. Chloe and I go to swimming lessons once a week and our bathers are starting to get very tired. In fact I worry that mine may disintegrate in the not too distant future! Anyway I saw these and just couldn't resist. It is nice buying bathers for someone you can be sure they'll look good on. The hunt for some for me will not be so easy!


Fiona said...

Oh yes isn't that the truth, I find it far easier to buy clothes/bathes for my girls than myself as I know there will always look good in them. LOLxx

Joy De Vivre Design said...

Hello! You had asked about my ostrich run in on my blog. Sorry it took so long to respond, I had been out of town. The ostrich thing was really funny. My husband and I had went to a wildlife drive through safari thing and bought a little bucket of food to feed the animals. We were going through and throwing out food to the zebras and things and all of a sudden an ostrich comes up to the car. I am trying to roll the window up and here is this big bird sticking his head in with me before I could roll it up! It ended up getting all of my food just so I could get rid of it! It is just not natural for a bird to be as big as a person! LOL!

Sharon said...

Bathers? What are bathers, it has been that long since I wore a pair, hehehe!