Thursday, July 3

Kitchen fun

For anyone in need of some inspiration go take a look at this. Fortytworoads, on Etsy, sell a tutorial for making a great play kitchen using cardboard. It looks so cool and lends itself to a bit of fun for the maker- imagine the pretty curtains you could choose, or colour schemes. A cute matching apron could be made too.

Time is a bit short here at the moment so we went to the toy library and hired a plastic toy kitchen. I still plan to make the cardboard one sometime.

Fortytworoads also has a blog and there are sometime photos of finished kitchens there.


Keshia said...

Wow, those cardboard kitchens are fantastic! We (well I) bought a kitchen set for Charlie a few months ago, much to the shock of a few male relatives... It was to go to with his pink shopping trolley (couldn't find a blue one) which he loves so much and pushes teddy around the house 'buying' all the odds and ends that he can fit into them... We can be quite a sight sometimes walking down the street as not only does he love playing with kitchen sets and pink trolleys but also insists most times to carry a handbag and purse just like mum, oh and don't forget the beads around his neck, haha!
:-) I wish that I too hand enough time to make a cardboard kitchen set too though, they really do look fantastic!

Nikki said...

Loving that kitchen. I know a little girl at our house who would have great fun baking "birthday cakes" in that oven. At the moment she uses anything box-like for her "baking".

Nikki said...

PS... can't find an email address for you to respond RE: your post on my blog. I was going to let you know that you'd probably LOVE The Subversive Stitch. I'm a huge Jane Austen fan too, and I think that's one of the reasons this book appeals so much.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

I love your post on the cardboard kitchen. I couldn't resist and have just bought the pattern on Etsy. My two little boys will love this. Despite their digger and truck obsession they also like dolls, prams, tea sets and dressing up in jewels. All good fun.