Saturday, July 12

Busy, busy, busy!

I've got the theme tune from Gordon the Garden Gnome (ABC Kids in the morning sometime) in my head almost constantly these days.

Busy, busy, busy. It's off to work we go, we've got to dig the garden and etc, etc, etc. So let's get mucky, put your puddlebusters on, with Gordon the Garden Gnome.

It's driving me somewhat bonkers.

But it's true. I am busy. I've been working on wholesale orders for a couple of weeks now. The only lull has been waiting for fabric to arrive (some new stuff - pictures soon). I'm getting through it and I must admit, I find it really satisfying to be busy.


rousabout studio said...

It is great to see you taking off, I have been checking in often, I secretly hope to do the same type of thing one day...(different styles obvioulsy - I am a linen lover).. Jo

Claire said...

Oh WOW, just checked out your blog for the first time today & LOVE your style!! I have great visions also about one day getting my creations out there, but when...hmm ....who knows!

naomi said...

very nice Susie. I do love those greenish pants on the top of the pile, very sweet.