Saturday, July 19


Wow, two exciting things have happened this morning and it's not even 8.30 yet! Maybe the day will just keep getting better! I have an item on the front page of Etsy for the first time ever! It is one of my denim skirts and it was chosen by Kimiko. I hope this is a milestone that will inspire me to improve my photos enough to get on the front page more often!

And, the lovely Mandi from Babyology featured a Black Eyed Susie dress in an article she wrote for Etsy on Australian kids products. Go take a look, Lucy from Lucy's Place and Two Little Banshees are featured as well!

So what can make the day even better? We're going out to local vegetarian cafe Fresh for brekkie. Yum, yum. And then I'm popping in to see if Suzanne at Cocoon needs anymore hair ties. She always makes me happy!


Brierley & Clover said...

Congratulations! It's amazing how good it feels to know that other people love your work and want to tell others about it. Well done!

Kate said...

Congrats on the front page! It was so good to see some Aussie's featured.

Lucys Place said...

Congats also! You deserve it. And thankyou also for letting me know I was included in this. For a minute I thought they were calling me an Australian! I appreciate her slipping me in.


P.S. Will be writing to you personally today, it's be a hectic week.

Gill - That British Woman said...'re doing really well.

Gill from Canada

Jenny said...

Hey she mentioned me too, Little Jenny Wren Dolls. It's exciting isn't it.

Bec said...

Congratulations - that's fantastic!!! Your beautiful clothes are totally front page worthy though :)
Yay for great publicity :)