Saturday, July 26

Go Cadel!

I'm just sitting here wasting time (when I really need some sleep) but it's the big night for Cadel Evans at the Tour de France. I've really enjoyed the tour this year. They went through some areas Sam and I rode through when we went cycle touring in France a few years ago. They even rode a col in the Pyrenees that I have ridden (Ah, yes, it's true, I was fit once).

For anyone who doesn't know, and if you're in Australis this is pretty unlikely, if Cadel Evans can make 1 min 35 secs on Carlos Sastre in the time trial tonight he will become the first Australian to win the Tour de France. He has had so much pressure on him so I really hope he manages.

I'm also daydreaming about another trip to France. It would be nice to go on a big adventure before we have to pay for a seat on the flights for Chloe. It would have to be minus the bikes this time and I'm not sure if it would live up to the last trip.

I did an impressive thing and managed to put on a small amount of weight whilst cycling for four weeks. Those patisseries were irresistable especially with the excuse of having to ride.

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iRiS said...

ahhh Cadel Cadel!Bravo!
A friend of mine named her son Cadel and she even recently sewed him his very own yellow jersey! very cute check it out here