Sunday, June 29

Pink and Frilly

I was never much of a girly, girl. I always wanted to be out with the boys building cubby houses and that sort of thing. I don't see girly movies or read girly books and, as you can see from Black Eyed Susie Clothes, I don't go in for pink frilliness. So now, have a look at this!

I'm not quite sure what came over me. I saw a bunch of little fairies in town the other day and decided I must make three little tutus for Chloe and her friends. I'm quite enjoying this bit of light relief from my more serious sewing.

The white tulle is leftover from my wedding dress, it's beautiful, soft and shimmery. The pink is new and I'm using satin blanket binding for the waist casing. I also bought the fabric flowers to rip apart and sew little clumps of them on the skirts.

This should get rid of any pink flowery urges for at least a few months.

Go check out the blog of Kristen Doran (producer of stunning handprinted fabric and crafts) to see loads of photos of local shop Cocoon. It's beautiful. You'll also get to see Kristen's beautiful things.

Saturday, June 28

Handmade Tasmania

Any Tasmanians out there who are makers of beautiful things come and join a new Flickr group. It's called Handmade Tasmania and is for anyone who handmakes anything. It doesn't matter of you do it to sell, to give as gifts or just because you want to. We'd love to see photos of your work.

Thursday, June 26

Retro wristlet

Sharon from Shazzasknits asked me to make her a wristlet/pouch to keep her knitting accesories in when she is out and about knitting. So I gave it a go, I'd never made one (and to tell the truth I'm a tiny bit nervous of zippers) but I found this tutorial which was wonderful. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Now I'm thinking of all sorts if things I can do that involve zippers!

Excuse the bad photos - we seemed to struggle to have any daylight that day. I'm so happy the days are lengthening now.

Sharon knits beautiful hats, gloves, socks and baby pants. The hat in this picture is one of hers. So, so cute! I love this green one too.

Tuesday, June 24

Splish, splash, splurge.

I had a minor splurge yesterday. Chloe and I go to swimming lessons once a week and our bathers are starting to get very tired. In fact I worry that mine may disintegrate in the not too distant future! Anyway I saw these and just couldn't resist. It is nice buying bathers for someone you can be sure they'll look good on. The hunt for some for me will not be so easy!

Sunday, June 22


I love the way my stock rack looks. So bright and cheery. It inspires me to keep going. I plan to organise my fabric stocks on a rack soon so that they are more visible - I run the risk of forgetting about some great new fabrics I've bought. If I can see them it encourages me to think of new ideas for them.

Friday, June 20


For years now, I've been quietly gathering small snippets of vintage kimono silk. The colours, designs and weaving are just exquisite. I'm sure I've rambled on about this before but look at these examples. It's just a shame you can't see the glorious sheen and texture or feel the softness. And it's also a shame I'm not a better photographer!

Thursday, June 19

Todays works of Art

Chloe has been producing artworks by the dozen today. The picture above shows one. She has a magnetic doodle board thingie that she draws on and she's been using her blackboard too. Unfortunately, the works she produced while I was in the shower were on the sofa. So I had to spend my time cleaning up and not producing any of my own artworks!

This is a little taster of another work in progress. More information in a couple of weeks.

Tuesday, June 17

Three little girls and one clever husband

Sam spent part of his weekend making this chalkoard easel for Chloe. I'm very impressed with it.
Today Chloe and her two best friends gave it a good workout. I wasn't brave enough to get out the paper and paint with three toddlers yet. Maybe tomorrow Chloe and I will have a painting session. Chloe is so into drawing and sticking at the moment I wonder if she has her mummys love of creating. She draws little squiggles and says they are fish (or, at least, pish).
I finished the blouse, but not until it was too dark to get a photo. It does look great on Chloe but really, if I'm honest could do with a bit more perfecting. I'll try to get a photo tomorrow.

Monday, June 16

Winter in the park

I'm not exaggerating when I say that of all the photos taken of me since Chloe's birth there have been about 3 that I haven't been horrified by. This one is OK so I thought I'd post it - 3 decent photos in 18 months doesn't make for many chances!
This is Chloe and I at one of the local parks. I'm desperately trying to make a reluctant Chloe hold my hand so she doesn't end up in with the goldfish.

Chloe was actually jumping off the step which was another little milestone.

In shop news, I've put some teeny, tiny, little birdie hair ties up. Perfect for little girls pony or pig tails. I'm excited you see - I managed to get Chloe's hair into a little pony tail for the first time. She looked so sweet and was very proud.

Sunday, June 15

How cute is this?

Excuse the picture, but how cute is this bag? I bought it on Etsy from Beckybean.

It's made using a vintage tablecloth - the colours are a bit more vibrant in the flesh. It's well made and I love carrying it.

Saturday, June 14

Work in progress

Well, it's been a long few weeks. I'm finally feeling back to normal but I think Chloe is getting ill again. Poor thing, she's been so delicate today.

I have so many ideas of things I'd like to add to my shop. There is just never enough time. I know that's a common refrain - it's just how it is.
The red blouse above is a work in progress and if you look closely you can see where I goofed the binding. I think it's pretty cute though and I'm feeling inspired to perfect it. I just love red on Chloe. Today I got her some black leggings and she has some funky little black boots. They'd be perfect with this. Maybe tomorrow I'll get to it - it's been a work in progress for quite some time!

Tuesday, June 3


Just a quick stop in because I'm excited! One of my dresses is being featured on Cuteable today. I love that necklace on the same page. It's made by a NSW Etsy seller called Early Bird Creations and I'll be browsing her shop thoroughly as soon as I get a bit of spare time.

Love and Clutter, a beautiful little shop in Hobart, is going to stock my vintage kimono silk ponytail ties soon. All, in all, it's been a good day!

Still going through tissues like there's no tomorrow though!

Monday, June 2

Mr Darcy

I'm still sick. I can't believe it.

Last night I snuggled up on the sofa to watch Emma. I do enjoy a bit of romantic Jane Austen escapism so it was nice. It must be said, though, that Mr Knightley just didn't come close to Mr Darcy (the Colin Firth version). It must also be said that not many men come close to Mr Darcy in my book. Hmmm. Maybe treating myself to hot drinks, a blanket and the Pride and Prejudice dvds would sort this cold out!

Don't think Chloe's as keen on Mr Darcy as me - oh well, more wiggles and Maisy it is.