Thursday, October 28


While I'm on the subject of my relatives, this was my Gran. Such a beautiful little girl. Her creativity came out in the kitchen. I have her handwritten recipes which get more and more difficult to read but are a lovely reminder for me and my kids.

Great Granny's biscuits - Coconut Crisps

1/4 lb butter
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup plain flour
2 cups cornflakes
1 1/2 cups coconut
1 egg
1/2 cup caster sugar
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp bicarb
1/2 tsp Vanilla

Cream butter and sugar. Beat in egg and vanilla. Then dry ingredients. Add a little milk. Bake 12-15 mins.

Monday, October 25

Jeweller to the Lost

I got a nice surprise the other day when I succumbed to my current magazine addiction (it's to do with the mistaken belief that I'll get to sit quietly with a coffee!) and found my Mum's cousin in a two page feature. She's Barbara Heath an amazingly talented jeweller based in Brisbane and isn't she gorgeous? Such a stunning photo. My close family are not crafty, creative types (no offence family!) but I love to see it is in the genes somewhere. Another of Mum's cousins is a well known cartoonist.
My folks owe me a present and I'm angling at something from Barbara. It would be perfect I think and lovely to have something made by her. Are you reading this Mum?

Friday, October 22

Show and Tell

Here are a few recent secondhand store/market scores. It's no wonder I feel surrounded by clutter - I have this need to collect.

1970s huon pine armchairs. They have leather backs and bases. I will eventually cover the cushions with charcoal or maybe a more modern chocolate brown fabric. Eventually. The old fabric goes well with yoghurt spills! From the Launceston Salvage Centre.

Original and pristine (we'll change that) 1960s saucer chair swapped for 5 ugly wall lights and our two old wall heaters! Brilliant. Launceston Salvage Centre again. The cushion was a Niche market purchase from Red Wren Designs.

We really didn't need any more canisters but how could I not buy these. They were only $15 for the lot. I can't go past a bargain like that!

Sunday, October 17


15% OFF everything


I can't justify buying any more fabric for new items until I get rid of some of the stock I made for the market I didn't make it too! So, everything is on sale for a while. I really want to make some new stuff!

Also, Black Eyed Susie is finally on Facebook. I think I may be addicted after resisting it for so long. If you want to stay updated please come and 'like' the Black Eyed Susie page.

Wednesday, October 13


A couple of belts and tees. Lest you think I've been getting stuff done this week, these have been waiting to be listed for a few weeks.

Tuesday, October 12

Calico and Co

A nice little surprise for a quiet, tired sort of day. The Springtime brooch is featured on the Calico and Co blog. It's alongside a great bunch of other beautiful brooches including two other Tassie makers. That Vintage and Shade of a Bonsai Tree. Aren't we Tasmanians a clever bunch? Don't listen to what they say about us!

Check it out here:
Calico and Co. [by amanda fuller]: Handmade Love: Contemporary Brooches

Friday, October 8


South East
And North East from our balcony.

I was up for about 10 minutes before the kids woke up this morning. This was the view. Just stunning. I totally, totally love living up high on the hill. Just gotta remember to stop and look at the view! It's an antedote to all the lurgies around here this week.
Sometimes it feels like a retreat up here, you can hardly even see the city with all the trees in front and you can't hear it.
One of my favourite things is when it's sunny but the air still has a tiny bit of a chill and the bell from the Carmelite monastery nearby is tolling. It feels like the Dordogne in France did. It does make me desperate to go there again though!

Wednesday, October 6

So, as some of you would know. We didn't make it to The Market. Bummed. Sometimes the kiddies just have to come first though. Poor Arj has had yet another ear infection. Being in Hobart at 11pm with him screaming in pain and no idea even if a pharmacy was open we had to take him to emergency. The staff were wonderful (especially on Grand Final Night - poor things) and I'm sure they got him in extra quickly. They put local anesthetic drops in his ear - the BEST thing ever. Wish we had some of them every time. Now he's OK thank goodness.

We did a long slow drive home as Sam and I were feeling pretty naff from being up all night then thankfully got a good nights sleep Sunday. Lucky because Monday night Sam, Chloe and I all got some sort of gastro. I jinxed myself because I'd just told someone that day that we'd been lucky so far and not had that happen. How is it possible to look after your kids in this situation? I was so glad Mum and Dad are back from Argentina and came bearing Lucozade. Changed Chloe's bed and provided some decent food for Arj as well as numerous other jobs. Thanks Mum and Dad!

I'm planning a sale in the online shops cos I've got an awful lot of stock and no markets currently booked. Will let you know when I get it together. Oh, and, I've finally jumped on the Facebook bandwagon and have a business page. I'll give "likers" 10% off online prices (excluding postage and cannot be used with other discounts) until the end of November. Go here to have a sticky beak.