Friday, October 8


South East
And North East from our balcony.

I was up for about 10 minutes before the kids woke up this morning. This was the view. Just stunning. I totally, totally love living up high on the hill. Just gotta remember to stop and look at the view! It's an antedote to all the lurgies around here this week.
Sometimes it feels like a retreat up here, you can hardly even see the city with all the trees in front and you can't hear it.
One of my favourite things is when it's sunny but the air still has a tiny bit of a chill and the bell from the Carmelite monastery nearby is tolling. It feels like the Dordogne in France did. It does make me desperate to go there again though!


Fer said...

Got to love the serenity! ;)

Gillian said...

I've been making an effort to get up before the kids. So worth it for the peace and quiet! A much nicer way to start the day.