Friday, October 22

Show and Tell

Here are a few recent secondhand store/market scores. It's no wonder I feel surrounded by clutter - I have this need to collect.

1970s huon pine armchairs. They have leather backs and bases. I will eventually cover the cushions with charcoal or maybe a more modern chocolate brown fabric. Eventually. The old fabric goes well with yoghurt spills! From the Launceston Salvage Centre.

Original and pristine (we'll change that) 1960s saucer chair swapped for 5 ugly wall lights and our two old wall heaters! Brilliant. Launceston Salvage Centre again. The cushion was a Niche market purchase from Red Wren Designs.

We really didn't need any more canisters but how could I not buy these. They were only $15 for the lot. I can't go past a bargain like that!


Isis said...

those canisters are freakin amazing. and the saucer chair i'm quite fond of too :)

Gillian said...

Wow, great finds!

Fer said...

Too cool!

Catherine said...

Go you! What great finds, love that saucer chair. It's so satisfying finding something you love, and for a bargain.

Miss Cinti - my poppet said...

i love saucer chairs, so hard to find good ones these days