Friday, October 31


There's a theme in this house at the moment. New in my Etsy shop now!

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I haven't got much done this week for a number of reasons one of which is pictured above.

I always have the backdoor open when the weather is nice and we're home. Twice this week a blackbird has come into the house, gone in the lounge room and then been unable to get out. I was having a nice little rest while Chloe was going to sleep and thinking isn't it strange the way every time Chloe kicks the cot (she has this habit just now) a blackbird starts singing. Needless to say, it wasn't Chloe kicking, it was the blackbird hitting the windows.

I tried everything I could to try and lure it out again both days but nothing worked for me. I had to wait for the male of the house to come home and deal with it. The poor things were so tired by then that it was easy for him to catch them.

There were so many things I wanted to do on these long afternoons but I didn't want to cause the birds even more stress and nothing much got done. In fact almost all I acheived was cleaning a lot of bird poop of the sofas and carpet two nights in a row.

I have the backdoor firmly shut today and am working on a little present for one of Chloe's best friends. We're off to her party tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 28

This is...what I'm surprised I like.

Launceston Dusk,
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Living in Launceston.

I went to high school in a town in north west Tasmania and thought Launceston was a 'hole' (sorry Launnie readers!) I avoided any uni courses that might have me end up here.

So what happened? After uni and work for a year in Hobart I went to Western Australia for 3-4 years with my own personal geologist. We missed the Tassie bushwalking and the bush, left WA and went overseas for a year before returning to Tassie.

Getting work to suit your degree isn't that easy here and we were prepared to wait for a while and move back to the mainland if necessary. I worked in a deli for a while and Sam landed a job in baggae handling at the airport (really a great little job!). Then things worked out careerwise for both of us at almost the same time and both in or near Launceston. I still feel lucky because our careers had kept us in different towns in WA.

So, it took a little while, but I'm now completely over my previous predjudice and love living here. It's big enough but not too big, close to so many great places and we have some really wonderful friends here. There are a few top class restaurants (not that I get to eat out anymore) and a few great shops (not that I have any money post-holiday). There are beautiful parks that feed my need to see the greeness of European trees every now and then, there's a great new handmade chocolate shop and a wonderful patisserie. What more could you ask for? It's a great place to live!

Thanks three buttons for hosting and Earl and Cookie for the theme. It took me a while to decide what to write about!

Friday, October 24

Paris : Part 2

Wow. It's not even two weeks since we got back. It feels like forever.

I'm breaking the holiday into parts to blog. That way it won't seem like it was over in a flash for me.

Paris meant walking, walking and more walking. Chloe was waking at 4am (could have been worse, at least this meant she was halfway to being in the correct time zone). Hanging out in a tiny hotel room was't much fun so we got up and walked the streets. It was cold and nothing much opens until 9 or 10 so we got lots of exercise. It was great too, because I'd wanted to walk and walk in Paris - it's such a great way to soak up the city.

Paris highlights for me were a picnic in the sun on the steps down to the Seine when Chloe was napping, the Tuileries Gardens, a New Orleans style jazz band playing on the bridge between the Ile St Louis and the Ile de la cite, the Parc Andre Citroen ( a park with stunning contemporary garden design - it was busy but there were plenty of secret, quiet spots where you could feel like you were away from all the hustle and bustle), the food market near the Bastille on Sunday morning and the Tuileries again.

I surprised myself (and I'm even more amazed now I'm home) and didn't go fabric shopping. I'd booked a hotel just across the boulevard from Montmatre and it's clutch of fabric stores but, what with the jetlag on the first day, getting up so early and returning to the hotel late, it just didn't happen.

I had a little time to myself and joined the lengthy queue for the Musee des Arts Decoratif (I hope my spelling is reasonable!). I loved the recreated art nouveau and art deco apartments. There was also an exhibition of Valentino's creations from the 70s (possibly even 60s) through to today. Absolutely amazing dresses. Just so opluent and glamourous. It was packed full of very serious Parisiens examining the construction in detail.

This wonderful boat man gave Chloe a yacht to sale in the fountain at the Tuileries Garden and wouldn't charge her. Such a lovely peaceful activity - I wish we had them here.

Wednesday, October 22

The ultimate car...

...for fabric lovers. A Toile de Jouy car spotted in a showroom on the Champs Elysee - I can't remember what make - shame on me. Notice the great seats.

Tuesday, October 21

Paris - Part 1

I'm still getting my blogging self together! Here's a start.

Carousels became a firm favourite very rapidly.

Negotiating sudden warm weather and the onset of severe jetlag.

In other news, I had vowed not to spend any unnecessary money but I had to buy three of these (scroll down a little) great Kristen Doran Matryoshka fabric panels. Can't wait for them to arrive. I have justified them as birthday presents (to be sewn up) for a few little girls I know.

Sunday, October 19


Thank you for all the lovely welcome home messages - I WILL blog properly tomorrow. I promise. Things have been busy and very Chloe orientated this week. She is currently obsessed with buttons. If she sees the lap top open she gets a crazy gleam in her I and says "more buttons, more buttons." No point even attempting to log on while she is with me!

We are also having a few issues with "Mummy's buttons (the sewing machine buttons and overlocker tension knobs)." I'll be having to do a lot of fiddling with the tensions when I get sewing again.

We went to a lovely friend's 30th birthday last night. So exciting to go to an adult party - I can't remember the last one! Happy Birthday Bec!

Friday, October 17

Home, Sweet Home

We're back! We've been back since Monday but I've been moving so slowly I haven't managed to blog yet. Chloe is a little upset at not having her Daddy around all day every day and so my days have been composed of trying to fit the laundry and catching up with a few friends around her needs and my jetlag recovery. Still lying awake in the small hours wondering whether to get up and do some work.

We had a wonderful time and I'm waiting for the post-holiday blues. They haven't set in yet and the weather is stunning here so maybe I'll be OK this time.

I'll be writing about the trip more in the days to come but am using my Chloe free day to get the rest of the unpacking out of the way, do the handwashing and to get the shops opened up. This is proving to be more difficult than I had thought because of the extreme change in the value of the Australian dollar - aagghh - I'm having to number crunch when I had hoped just to be able to hit "activate" on my listings.

Thanks so much for all the lovely holiday wishes. I had meant to blog occassionally but I seemed never to see internet cafes and never to feel like hunting for one!