Friday, October 24

Paris : Part 2

Wow. It's not even two weeks since we got back. It feels like forever.

I'm breaking the holiday into parts to blog. That way it won't seem like it was over in a flash for me.

Paris meant walking, walking and more walking. Chloe was waking at 4am (could have been worse, at least this meant she was halfway to being in the correct time zone). Hanging out in a tiny hotel room was't much fun so we got up and walked the streets. It was cold and nothing much opens until 9 or 10 so we got lots of exercise. It was great too, because I'd wanted to walk and walk in Paris - it's such a great way to soak up the city.

Paris highlights for me were a picnic in the sun on the steps down to the Seine when Chloe was napping, the Tuileries Gardens, a New Orleans style jazz band playing on the bridge between the Ile St Louis and the Ile de la cite, the Parc Andre Citroen ( a park with stunning contemporary garden design - it was busy but there were plenty of secret, quiet spots where you could feel like you were away from all the hustle and bustle), the food market near the Bastille on Sunday morning and the Tuileries again.

I surprised myself (and I'm even more amazed now I'm home) and didn't go fabric shopping. I'd booked a hotel just across the boulevard from Montmatre and it's clutch of fabric stores but, what with the jetlag on the first day, getting up so early and returning to the hotel late, it just didn't happen.

I had a little time to myself and joined the lengthy queue for the Musee des Arts Decoratif (I hope my spelling is reasonable!). I loved the recreated art nouveau and art deco apartments. There was also an exhibition of Valentino's creations from the 70s (possibly even 60s) through to today. Absolutely amazing dresses. Just so opluent and glamourous. It was packed full of very serious Parisiens examining the construction in detail.

This wonderful boat man gave Chloe a yacht to sale in the fountain at the Tuileries Garden and wouldn't charge her. Such a lovely peaceful activity - I wish we had them here.


victoria mason said...

oh lucky you! at first i thought 'well that's what happens when you live near europe - just pop over to paris with the little one' but NO! you're from tazzy he he. how fantastic!

Fer said...


Wouldn't it be lovely to have those little yachts in the fountain at Princes Square!

kristinandmillie said...

looks like you guys had a great time. paris is a great place to walk no doubt!!

so are the pants on etsy the one's that i can choose from? i know you said you had some new one's coming out? i really like the blue cords with the cowboys?? any of these left? i think i will order 9-12 months this time. what size did i order her birdie pants in? she has almost outgrown them but she has worn them forever!! i get compliments on them all the time!

Black Eyed Susie said...

Thanks guys. Kristin I'll email you again tonight.

Kate said...

It looks like ot was so womderful - I am just a little bit jealous!

Loz and Dinny said...

the photo of you two sitting next to the pond is so lovely...but you are killing me with photos of pastries! I travel with my stomach! I agree some sail boats down this way would be a treat