Friday, October 31

Tweet, tweet

I haven't got much done this week for a number of reasons one of which is pictured above.

I always have the backdoor open when the weather is nice and we're home. Twice this week a blackbird has come into the house, gone in the lounge room and then been unable to get out. I was having a nice little rest while Chloe was going to sleep and thinking isn't it strange the way every time Chloe kicks the cot (she has this habit just now) a blackbird starts singing. Needless to say, it wasn't Chloe kicking, it was the blackbird hitting the windows.

I tried everything I could to try and lure it out again both days but nothing worked for me. I had to wait for the male of the house to come home and deal with it. The poor things were so tired by then that it was easy for him to catch them.

There were so many things I wanted to do on these long afternoons but I didn't want to cause the birds even more stress and nothing much got done. In fact almost all I acheived was cleaning a lot of bird poop of the sofas and carpet two nights in a row.

I have the backdoor firmly shut today and am working on a little present for one of Chloe's best friends. We're off to her party tomorrow.


Lucys Place said...

You poor thing. I had the exact same thing happen a few weeks ago. Blackbird poop on the cashmere throw no less! I love birds, but that tested me a little. Also, telemarketers have a knack of knowing when you take a rare midday nap. "Ring Ring". Curse them. Better luck for both of us next time we decide to treat ourselves to some rare bedrest ;)

Fer said...

Little rotters! We have a couple that pinch the dogs' dry food and are getting very fat. I see them from the kitchen window, looking at me brazenly!

Hope you manage to get some of your routine back soon. :o)

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