Tuesday, October 28

This is...what I'm surprised I like.

Launceston Dusk,
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Living in Launceston.

I went to high school in a town in north west Tasmania and thought Launceston was a 'hole' (sorry Launnie readers!) I avoided any uni courses that might have me end up here.

So what happened? After uni and work for a year in Hobart I went to Western Australia for 3-4 years with my own personal geologist. We missed the Tassie bushwalking and the bush, left WA and went overseas for a year before returning to Tassie.

Getting work to suit your degree isn't that easy here and we were prepared to wait for a while and move back to the mainland if necessary. I worked in a deli for a while and Sam landed a job in baggae handling at the airport (really a great little job!). Then things worked out careerwise for both of us at almost the same time and both in or near Launceston. I still feel lucky because our careers had kept us in different towns in WA.

So, it took a little while, but I'm now completely over my previous predjudice and love living here. It's big enough but not too big, close to so many great places and we have some really wonderful friends here. There are a few top class restaurants (not that I get to eat out anymore) and a few great shops (not that I have any money post-holiday). There are beautiful parks that feed my need to see the greeness of European trees every now and then, there's a great new handmade chocolate shop and a wonderful patisserie. What more could you ask for? It's a great place to live!

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Fer said...

Oh you are so right!! Launceston has never been my first choice either (love the eclectic/inspiring feel of Hobart), but I remind myself of the positives and that makes me happy. I also think that getting out of the place on a regular basis makes a difference too!

Oh and isn't the Cocoa Bean wonderful!!

handmaiden said...

that's great that u both love doing what u want living in a place u love

Michelle said...

I lived in Launceston for six months and really liked it. Beautiful parks and gardens. I love the Gorge.

2paw said...

I agree: born in Hobart, I arrived her via the North West and West Coast and I love living here!! Great cafes, parks, the Gorge and the Trevallyn Reserve iis bush to walk in just 7 minutes away. Love your photo too!!!

mrs smith said...

Launnie gets into all of us in the end. Glad to hear you have joined the club. There is a great little violinmaker in Launceston too - next to the watchmaker/repairer at the "paris-end' of St John St. Can you beleive they call it the Paris end? What I was wondering was if Paris has a Launceston end or a Bombay end?

Hope to meet you one day by chance in the park or at kmart in that inimitable Launceston way. I caught your blog through Loz And Dinny.

Your work is beautiful.

nrwatkins said...

Hi there, I know this is an old post, but I thought it was the most appropriate one to comment on. Gemma of Loz and Dinny sent me here as I commented on her blog, mentioning that I had just moved to Launceston and was looking for some local blogs to read. I definitely have taken a liking to Launceston; we moved from the mainland, just intended to find work in Tassie at first, assuming that we would most likely be in Hobart. We got jobs here, however, and when we last visited Hobart it seemed to trafficky and city-like in comparison; I much prefer the pace (and climate) of Launceston. Anyway, I'll add your blog to my reader and keep reading. Incidentally my husband (as with your partner, I think), is named Sam and he worked as a geologist in WA for a few years too!

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