Friday, October 17

Home, Sweet Home

We're back! We've been back since Monday but I've been moving so slowly I haven't managed to blog yet. Chloe is a little upset at not having her Daddy around all day every day and so my days have been composed of trying to fit the laundry and catching up with a few friends around her needs and my jetlag recovery. Still lying awake in the small hours wondering whether to get up and do some work.

We had a wonderful time and I'm waiting for the post-holiday blues. They haven't set in yet and the weather is stunning here so maybe I'll be OK this time.

I'll be writing about the trip more in the days to come but am using my Chloe free day to get the rest of the unpacking out of the way, do the handwashing and to get the shops opened up. This is proving to be more difficult than I had thought because of the extreme change in the value of the Australian dollar - aagghh - I'm having to number crunch when I had hoped just to be able to hit "activate" on my listings.

Thanks so much for all the lovely holiday wishes. I had meant to blog occassionally but I seemed never to see internet cafes and never to feel like hunting for one!


Sarah-Jo said...

welcome back, cant wait to hear all about your travels :)

naomi said...

nice to have you back agin!

Anonymous said...

Hi Suse,

I was so happy to see you back and blogging today. I hope you have lots of new fabrics and designs on the way for the store!!

Spotted you over at My Poppet and gave you a "shout out" over there. Hopefully some of the other bloggers will come and visit you.

Jen from Melbourne

kristinandmillie said...

so glad you are back. it will be great to hear all about your very long trip!

also, i am dying to place an order for millie so please let me know when you open up the shop!

yellow monday said...

Welcome home!

Fer said...

Yay, welcome home! Can't wait to see some of your travels. :o)