Sunday, August 24

This is.... favourite childhood book.

1. the hobbit, 2. The Hobbit Book

Or at least one of the many. I loved being taken away to another world. I loved the illustrations and the idea that there was so much history in middle earth. I loved the mysterious rune writing and the idea if setting off to travel on a big adventure.

Nowadays, the thing I read most is travel writing. I like Colin Thubron, William Dalrymple and Bruce Chatwin among others. People who write about places that are a bit mysterious to me and that I will most likely never visit - not that different to reading The Hobbit as a child.

Well, there you go! "This is" is a thing I signed up to a few weeks ago at Three Buttons and hadn't got around to doing until now. Quite fun really!


Hannah said...

I have often picked it up but have never actually read 'The Hobbit'. The sound of mysterious lands does sound intriguing to me.

potty mouth mama said...

Ooh The Hobbit always really freaked me out. I remember a teacher reading it to us at school and I always felt really scared!! Silly I know.

Stacey said...

I just know my eldest son would love The Hobbit. I think you've just found the last piece of his birthday present puzzle! Thank you!