Sunday, August 24

En vacances

1. paris carousel, 2. Tuileries Garden, Paris (le bassin rond), 3. Village perché, 4. Simply Lapopie, 5. Dordogne river, 6. Confiserie-patisserie (Paris), 7. Paris: Palais Royal, 8. Paris: Montmartre steps

We're heading off for a month of warmth (hopefully), yummy food, relaxation and stunning sights.

I picture picnics in parks or by rivers. Fresh baguettes with a different cheese every day. Red wine. Many patisserie visits. Moving around the country slowly soaking up the warmth and atmosphere.

For Black Eyed Susie, I hope to manage a bit of fabric shopping along the way and to come back rejuvenated (at least after the jetlag!) and inspired, bursting to produce new designs.

I need to brush up on some French and not allow myself any cakes until we leave (to make up for all the ones I know I'll eat when we get there). We spent four weeks cycling in France about 4 years ago and, even then, I think I managed to put on weight.

I'll be shutting up shop next Monday (1st september). Any orders received before then will go out in the usual 3 business days.

If anyone has any tips for long haul flight with a toddler survival please, please, please tell me them!

Edited to add - You can tell I've finished my work backlog by the blog fiddling I've been doing. Is it better or worse? What do you think?


Hoppo Bumpo said...

Sounds like a wonderful holiday. Bon voyage!

Skye Rocket Sews said...

I'm tres jealous,I tell you ,tres jealous!
You guys will have a fab time.
My friend told me the other day,an etchasketch is great for a long haul flight.Chloe might be too little for that though.
Also try wrapping up lots of little presents ,to give at different times through the flight....failing that,bring out the drugs..phnergan's good!;)

Kathryn said...

Lucky you! We're off to France next year, so I'll have to quiz you for the best places to shop!

btw - you're in the finals for the Aussie Boutique Kids challenge :)

naomi said...

oh how nice! I hope you enjoy the break. My only travel tip for kiddies is get an Ergo carrier- we used one when we went OS with our 2yr old. So, so easy and comfortable to use, fits in your bag. The present idea is a good one for flights. Yes, I do like your new blog layout...although I am probably the wrong person to ask, rather partial on lots of white! Happy holiday.

Gill - That British Woman said...

enjoy, never been to France and don't speak the language. I hope you come back with lots of new fabric.

Gill in Canada

Ansia said...

WOW! How exciting. I hope that you have a wonderful time. We took our 14 month old to South Africa a few years ago. I was very nervous about 14 hours on the plane, but I think you will be surprised how well kids cope. Some tips, pack snacks and bring them out as needed. Make use of the flight attendants. They will go to great lengths to keep kids amused. Books, books and more books. Enjoy!