Friday, August 1


Last weekend we thought we'd take Chloe up Ben Lomond to see some snow. We were late leaving and missed the last shuttle bus to the top. We had no snow chains so weren't allowed to drive up ourselves. This is a picture of the measly amount of snow Chloe got to see.

It was absolutely freezing but she loved it. We made some tiny snowmen and threw a few snowballs and then jumped back in the car and went home to hot chocolates.

Sam cooked Turkish lamb pies called sfiha of Baalbeck in the picture below. They were great and just perfect for serving at a cocktail party (if only!). The recipe was from the book Saha by Greg and Lucy Malouf.


Affiliate Marketing Tips said...

Well this picture is giving me so cool feeling because I live in very hot area.

Lucys Place said...

Love the snow baby's hair!

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

If I ate meat I'd love one of those pies, they look fantastic..I just wouldnt want to eat one. Love the snow pic's. We took our kids up about 2 weeks ago and when they asked us if we had snow chains we said YES, but we didn't!! got up and down the mt with no prob so it all turned out ok but at the time I kept swearing at hubby!