Tuesday, August 17

Pressies for bike loving Dads

I've always got my eye open for things Sam might like. He's not the sort of person to covet things or buy much for himself so I do like to try to surprise him every now and then.

These are a few things I've noticed recently.

This jersey from BA Gear is almost perfect for him. It even says I am Sam on the side! We read this book a lot at our house given that we have one very fussy eater.

Cute tee set from here

More bike related tees. Found here.

Groovy bike tool roll. This might be the Father's Day pressie. More here.


Fer said...

Oh yes, I do like! Gives me ideas for the father-in-law. :-)

Josh Healy said...

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Rach said...

love them!

Alicia said...

Love the Dr Seuss one! Great ideas, my man rides to the train station :)

Sarah said...

My bicycle-obsessed toddler would love these (in size 2). His word for bike is 'ting' - I think he's doing the little bell. Ting! ting! ting! he shouts, gesticulating wildly at the car window!