Saturday, August 21


Some things that have changed for me since I became a mother. Apart from the obvious - having two little cuties with me most of the time!

* I loooove my vacuum cleaner. Seriously. It's one of my most favourite possessions.

* My mountain bike gains more dust than mileage. Let's not even mention my road bike. Or all my other outdoor gear eg my lovely, only used once Macpac ladies backpack (yes, it is lovely and yes, it is just a pack). At least I do carry a small spare tyre with me everywhere at the moment.

* Trips to Kmart can increase my feeling of sanity as opposed to the complete opposite. Scarey.

* I barely ever listen to my own choice of music and am not allowed to sing along in the car. "I'm helping the lady sing Mum."

* I drive a family wagon that cost more than three times the price of my previous most expensive car. Also scarey.

* I cannot hold a thought from one room to another and have the memory of a goldfish. Not much help when you're trying to multitask!

* I cook meat and three veg almost every night and a clear, freshly vacuumed floor is the ultimate luxury.

So what's changed for you?? I'd love to hear.


Liesl said...

Since becoming a mum, I've stopped drycleaning clothes and buying expensive pantihose; think grocery shopping on my own is a treat; and don't think twice about cutting my hair with the kitchen scissors (a timesaver!).

Fer said...

Hmmm, I don't get to use my vacuum as much as I ought, and I don't get to sew as much as I'd like. But this means nothing compared to the dear little girl who's been part of my life for the last 15 months!

Naomi (thula thula) said...

For me
The smell of vomit doesn't faze me anymore, nor does cleaning it up.

I can go gun hoe into an explosive nappy at 2am and not think twice.

that trackie pants have replaced good wool trousers I use to live in

A cuddle with both kids is perfect for some quiet time

Some days I don;t go outside at all - it's mostly due to constant cleaning and washing of everything in the house.

I can read the same book over and over and keep my sanity

My bike rusted from non use....that i am sad about

I'm good at repeating myself in monotone....and all day!

love watching the kids hold hands and play (they do this most days - C U T E !)

that when 6.30pm comes around I'm exhausted. Sleep usually happens on the couch and I always miss the news.

Like you, I have "my" songs and there are "dad's" songs that only we can sing along to with permission from the eldest!

LOVE every moment