Wednesday, June 2

Turn your head sideways now

Why, oh why does my internet connection dropout almost every single time I click upload photos in blogger. It drives me crazy so we're having sideways photos tonight. I swear I would blog more often if photo uploading wasn't quite so frustrating.

So what's news?

The kids are growing up so, so fast. Arj is 11 months now and I'm starting to think about birthday cakes. I love making cakes! Chloe has a thing about lighthouses so we went to visit one last week (and the fabric shop on the way!) and Arj has been getting in touch with his feminine side. And, oh, how cute he looks.

I'll be having a birthday very soon too. I'm hoping to have a celebration this year as last years got cancelled as my heavily pregnant self was sick.

I've been sewing but for ourselves and presents mainly. Still no work to speak of. The kids and I have been tag teaming with various illnesses. Not much sleep, a couple of late night trips to emergency (all fine now) and many trips to the GP. Fairly large amounts of cash have been handed over to pharmacists and tissue manufacturers. I'm hoping for a break now.

I've been dieting and exercising and am feeling so, so, so much better (apart from the colds) that I just can't stop telling everyone. Yay for online Weightwatchers. I never thought I'd join something like that but it has been so worthwhile. My clothes from before Arj fit now and it feels like I have a whole new wardrobe. I'm full of energy too and have been going for long walks and even the odd run.

I've been doing a lot of fabric buying in the (maybe deluded) hope that I'll get some work done soon.
We're getting weekly veggie boxes from Hilbarn and loving them.
This, if you know me, is pretty amazing news - I cook the dinner EVERY night (almost). Sam mustn't know what to do with himself now. This weird transformation coincided with the Hilbarn boxes, my diet and the realisation that cooking the dinner is something I can do myself without feeling guilty about not doing a jigsaw/colouring in/ sticking/ drawing etc, etc. Does anyone else have a child who doesn't want to do anything by themselves? It makes me feel terribly guilty as I feel like I say no all the time.
I seem to spend a vast proportion of my life folding washing. Ironing only when absolutely unavoidable.
I'm off to fold some now. Whoopee.
PS. I met a couple of very, very beautiful boys.


Isis said...

we don't mind sideways photos! pity about all the sickness, but i'm glad you hear you are feeling great. aren't hilbarn boxes the greatest? i love that it's a surprise each week. i have a boyfriend that can't do anything by himself, perhaps let him look after you kids for a while and we can go off and get stuff done!! good to hear from you

mrs smith said...

Can't wait to see you Suse! Apart from the ills, it sounds like your life is travelling along beautifully! France was wonderful, as you know.
Look forward to catching up!


Fer said...

We've been enjoying the Hilbarn boxes too, certainly prompts you to be a bit more creative in the kitchen! And what's a family without a few ups and downs, so long as your sense of humour stays intact then you'll be fine. :)

Loz and Dinny said...

Love the sideays photos - Arj looks gorgeous in that Tiara!! I reckon a catch up next week - maybe even in the outside world - is definately on the cards. Reckon the boys might be raring to see what goes on beyond the walls of our wee house!