Monday, November 10


Chloe said "dat doe's house." How I wish it was her house - I'd live with her there anytime she asked.

I had meant to be a bit more orderly with blogging our holiday but for various reasons haven't managed. Here's the next stage.

We hopped on a TGV in Paris and zoomed smoothly west to Rennes where we picked up a hire car and cruised off round Brittany. There are so many towns with old half-timbered medieval centres and I'm a sucker for a bit of higgledy-piggledy architecture with not a straight line to be seen so I love it. I don't have any good pictures but trust me there were lots. Also lots of beautiful beaches and seascapes (we forgot to take the camera to the best part) and beautiful gardens.

Me devouring Breton crepe with goats cheese after putting my foot down and saying we need a hot meal now. Up until then the timing was always wrong with Chloe and we'd had an awful lot of baguettes. You wouldn't believe how good that crepe was. Washed down with some local cider - I'm normally a cider hater but it's amazing how easily I change when the situation requires it.

Chloe is still living off bits of baguette and apple juice at this stage and this is making mealtimes pretty stressful.

Artichoke paddocks look amazing - luscious and satisfyingly spiky.

This is me in my new Paris bought summer dress desperately hoping it will warm up a bit and that I don't look too much like I'm wearing a nannies uniform. This purchase may quietly sit in the cupboard and not be worn again.

You may not be able to see in this picture but these guys had the best faces.

We went for a long walk around the coast and got a bit lost making it a very long walk. Beautiful though.


Fer said...


Love the nanny outfit too, you have to keep wearing it!!

Unique Gowns said...

I have read this part in your profile ...expensive addiction to fabric shopping and my desire to dress my daughter in quality clothing made with love and care.
..I can really relate to it ! This is partly a reason behind by business as well!! How amazing !!! You just have to p ay my blog a visit ! Dana

Claire said...

Oh My! the green eyed monster is coming out - it looks like you had the most WONDERFUL holiday - it all looks so beautiful!

edward and lilly said...

How amazing, the dress looks gorgeous, I wouldn't store it away in a cupboard, I'd wear it all the time.

Michelle said...

love seeing you holiday pics...i would love to go but can't so your photos are the next best thing...