Friday, July 30

Today I lost my temper.

Properly I mean. Not just a little bit. I didn't yell or shout or kick anything but I did feel shakey for about half an hour afterwards. Not nice. This has maybe happened about 6 times in my life.

I wasn't going to blog this as I sometimes think bitchy blog posts can come across pretty badly, but well, this week has been a bit of a shocker and I maybe just reached the end of my tether but I also think I stuck up for my kids and myself in a way that was completely reasonable. I'm pretty tough on my kids in shops, I don't like them touching and playing with things, in fact I sometimes think I'm too tough on Chloe. So, shop owner, if you don't want young kids in your shop don't have a crate full of toddler toys for them to play with. My kids were happily playing and Chloe just brushed her hand along some merchandise that was right next to the toys. The shop owner (who has been rude to me a number of times in the past) told her off, I said "I am watching them," then she backchatted me to another customer. Needless to say we won't be going back there ever again.

So, it sounds like a tiny thing now it's written down. It didn't feel like it at the time.

Poor little Arj has been sick for what seems like weeks now. He's been going up and down with an ear infection that is proving difficult to shake and probably a virus on top of it. He's on his third lot of antibiotics for this infection. The last one took three lots too. Have any of you had experiences like this? I think he's teething too and the doctor said that some kids have this trouble until they stop teething. I really hope he doesn't. He's so, so miserable.

Poor little Chloe got her thumb stuck in a door this week too. She's OK but it was horrible anyway.

Now, that's the bad things out of the way. Time for the good things. We had a lovely Brown Owls meet up last night in the Wood Design Centre. It's the most beautiful building with the most beautiful collection of furniture. I met one of my old flatmates from Uni there for the first time since Uni - a long time ago now - and it was so nice to see her.

On the work front, I've got an exciting stockist lined up for the sewing kits. Considering how little time I've had to do anything this week that's amazing!! The GIVEAWAY is still open. Make sure you enter. Go on, you know you want to.


Kirsten said...

my thoughts are with you's a mums perogative to lose her temper over something like that - the shop keeper deserved it!!!!! Poor Arj - hope this round works...after the past week there's nothing like a sick miserable child. The makeup bag kits are great - what a fantasic idea - I think they'll sell very wellXX

Fer said...

What a cow of a woman! Please tell me the shop and I'll tell everyone I know not to go there!

Poor little Arj! I have no experience with this either, Tamsyn's very rarely sick. I hope it's sorted soon, poor little man.

Brown Owls was last night! Something else I forgot to write down. Damn this baby brain!!

leslie said...

sounds like you are having a shocking week! hope your weekend turns out better and that your little man is feeling well again pronto.

Bek said...

Argh, I hate it when people are grumpy at my kids (and are in some way saying that I am not doing my job properly). The mother bear in me rises up. I hope you are feeling better about it now.

And poor baby Arj! (and poor mummy too). It is rotten when babies are sick. For so many reasons. I hope he gets better soon.

Recycled Relix said...

There is nothing worse than someone being unreasonable about your kids in a shop! I agree with you that if they leave a crate full of toys for the kids to play with then thats what they should do. If she has a problem with kids touching the stock maybe she should position the non breakables close by so there is no worries. I find in my shop it is the parents who like to touch (after they have told the kids not to)!! And do you know that after 9 months in the shop I am the only one to break something!!! Customer service, having a chat with who has bothered to walk in my door, and a friendly "hello" goes a long way to earn repeat business. Sometimes people just shouldn't be in a retail position! On the baby front I can't remember that far back but I do remember my doctor telling me that sometimes they become imune to the antibiotics when there has been back to back dosages so maybe look at some alternate medicines with your chemist. Good Luck and well done for standing up for you and your kids..... I am forever a Lioness where my kids are concerned. Cathy XX

Loz and Dinny said...

Aaaah ... it is right to get angry with the unreasonable! I remember Bjork going spare at a photographer who tried to snap her little boy - she chased him and hit him... afterwards she spoke about how liberating it felt to unleash the lionness within .. it was a crack up...not that I suggest you bitch slap the retail witch... but I'm all for a boycott so count me in! My friend's little girl suffered from a reoccurring ear infection - she bought a steam machine thingy and said it was the bomb.

Catherine said...

What a b***!! There are shops I will absolutely not go into, after rude, rude service.

I almost blogged about cafes and kids the other day - rude people who see you as an inconvenience because you have a baby and a buggy. I am always tempted to ask them if they would be happy if someone treated their mother like that. Just last week an old botoxed-to-the-hilt bag gave me a serious look-down. My man would just say they are unhappy. I would never wish anything really bad on someone, but I do enjoy willing a bout of diarrhoea or a flat tyre on them. Seems to perk me up!