Thursday, January 29

Blue Jeans

Katie Jump Rope Halter top with a pair of matching jeans made to order and winging their way to the US now.

We spent a lovely long weekend in the south of the state staying with my in-laws. Lots of trips to the beach, a little shopping and lots of catching up with relatives. We visited some good friends to meet their 1 1/2 week old little girl Ellie. Just gorgeous. I'd totally forgotten how small Chloe was.
We also attended a beautiful wedding of an old uni friend. It was held south of Hobart in Stonehouse Gardens. The bride looked stunning and they both looked incredibly happy. I got teary as soon as I laid eyes on the bride! Most amazing was the 16 course feast. All prepared by the bride and groom with a bit of help from a chef cousin. I can safely say it was the most stunning wedding meal I've ever had. Perhaps I'll scan the menu to show you - to make you envious!


Fer said...

They are the cutest jeans!!

We were at a family members wedding in December and for the first time ever I got teary, maybe it's a preggers thing? :D

Kathy said...

Hi. just discovered your blog today. Your childrens clothes are beautiful!! As is all your crafty yumminess :-)