Monday, September 8


Packing - I hate it. I get into a sort of paralysed state where I can't do anything until the last minute. Got to learn to make decisions.

The other thing is I bought a bunch of fabric for some summer clothes for Chloe and all I want to do is make them. I'm cutting it a bit tight timewise!

Edited to add: Note to self - not a good idea to try making new things when you are tired, excited and rushing. Some big stuff ups have occurred here this afternoon! Also, just remember, if you have secret plans to buy your daughter a summer wardrobe in Paris that you haven't mentioned to your husband but have been quietly researching where to buy it, you really don't need to decide to try to sew her an entire summer wardrobe two days before you leave.

This is.... favourite band of all time. A difficult one to choose - there are loads I love really. One comes to mind at the moment because they have been around for 30 years now - that's almost my whole life. The Cure.

Having said they're a favourite I can't remember the last time I listened to them.

At the moment Beck is a favourite but I don't think he qualifies as a band. Other bands who are up there on my list include The Chemical Brothers, Little Birdie, The Flaming Lips, The Presets and Franz Ferdinand. Oh, and Radiohead and The Cruel Sea (Have you ever seen Tex Perkins live? Wow!) and Portishead - I could go on and on and on.

I'm having an indecisive patch - it took me about ten minutes to choose between two sunhats for Chloe this morning. I'm blaming it on having to make so many decisions about the holiday but that's a lie. It's just me!

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Saturday, September 6


We've rented a cottage for one week of our holiday in this village in Provence. I agonised for hours about which cottage, in which area to get! I have a vision of my head of strolling out in golden sunlight to the boulangerie every morning to get our breakfast.

Monday, September 1

This is....

my favourite fabric shop. Wafu Works at Kingston Beach. I don't have a photo or a website for you but if you click this link you can see the owner and some of her wares.

This is my favourite place to rummage and I could spend hours - unfortunately I only ever get a few rushed minutes as the opening hours and our busy and infrequent visits to Kingston don't allow me anymore.

Other favourites are Reprodepot and Superbuzzy.

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