Monday, September 8

This is.... favourite band of all time. A difficult one to choose - there are loads I love really. One comes to mind at the moment because they have been around for 30 years now - that's almost my whole life. The Cure.

Having said they're a favourite I can't remember the last time I listened to them.

At the moment Beck is a favourite but I don't think he qualifies as a band. Other bands who are up there on my list include The Chemical Brothers, Little Birdie, The Flaming Lips, The Presets and Franz Ferdinand. Oh, and Radiohead and The Cruel Sea (Have you ever seen Tex Perkins live? Wow!) and Portishead - I could go on and on and on.

I'm having an indecisive patch - it took me about ten minutes to choose between two sunhats for Chloe this morning. I'm blaming it on having to make so many decisions about the holiday but that's a lie. It's just me!

Curlypops chose the theme this week and This is is being hosted by Handmaiden while Three Buttons is away.


Hannah said...

I agree that it's too hard to pick just one band. But the cure is definitely a great one!

Fer said...

Aw wow, you've listed some great bands there - you obviously don't listen to 7LA!! ;)

The Cure and The Cruel Sea are classic bands, they'll never date. Some new bands I've been enjoying are Pnau and MGMT, and Gotye's CD is also a favourite.

Great topic! :o)

Black Eyed Susie said...

Eek 7LA! It actually hurts to listen! And I remember a time (way back in high school - pre Triple J making it to Tassie) when we were thrilled if we could get 7LA where I lived.

And yes, I forgot Gotye. I love him.

Lucys Place said...

How funny, I am a long-time Cure fan too. I went to see darling Robert when he (and his band) played in Auckland last year. Brilliant. I used to wear Doc Martens as a teen and one was called Robert and other Mary (his wife's name). I do believe even my hair was similar to his. Quelle horreur on a girl!