Thursday, August 8

Neon Love

I can't tell you how much I like these!  A new, limited edition range available here. These are a bit bigger than my usual cushions and give a really fun, burst of cheeriness to my heart!

Monday, May 27

Crafting spot.

Pink and grey on a dark charcoal fabric couch. A comfy spot for a touch of crochet. All that's needed is a cuppa - or a glass of red! Cushions available at

Tuesday, April 2

Phil and Amity's Kids room

Here are a few pics from Amity and Phil's winning kids room. Pics from The Block Shop.

Thursday, March 21


Finishing some projects whilst filling orders is my aim at the moment. Here's a $50 black vinyl sofa with new, red, textured cushions. Very retro.

Cushions here and here.

Tuesday, November 8


I've had to break a growing crochet addiction to prepare for these markets.  I think it's to do with how quickly things grow and the way the colours react to each other that does it.  I have urges to cover my house in bright, bright crocheted throws.  Directly inspired by Attic 24.  The picture above is a baby blanket I made for a friend who is probably now thinking I've forgotten but I will deliver it this weekend. Definitely. I hope she likes bright - otherwise I may have to take it back. I love it so. It's vertical vintage stripe (or something like that. Tutorial here.

Sunday, November 6

Self portraits.

Ok, so, a bit boring for everyone else. But, oh, so cute for me.  I can't believe Chloe is almost 5 and Arj almost 2 1/2. It's a blur. Much like these photos.

Thursday, October 27

Busy, busy, busy.

I've nearly let go of the blog again already. Oops.

I'm sewing up a storm ready for a couple of pre-Christmas markets in Novemember. I'll be at Niche (details below) and The Market in the Masonic Temple, Sandy Bay Rd on Sunday Nov 13th, 10 -3.  I'll be upstairs and would love visitors!

Northern folk, I'd love visitors at Niche too.  Friday nights the bar is open and last time they had a very good special on Ninth Island Sparkling. Perfect for relaxed Friday night browsing!

Thanks Tortoise Mum for prodding me into action!  I will do my best to blog!

Oh, and some other recent news, lovely, bubbly, cheery Min at Content has a bunch of brooches, earrings, headbands, bobby pins and a few other things of mine for sale.  Such a beautiful shop to spend some time exploring.

Wednesday, September 21

Hello again.

Why, Hello Blog. Long time, no see.  How's things? I've been missing you a bit, but well, diaries and journals were never one of my strong points.  How about if you promise not to take an eon to load my photos and not to get spammed quite so much and if the wireless modem thingo promises not to drop out every time I try to post then I promise to do some occasional posting?  Sound OK? All right then, let's give it a go!  See you soon.

Monday, November 15


We're back from a week at Binalong Bay. So beautiful and relaxing - just what we needed. Arj even slept well most nights and miraculously had two sleeps a day. Now we're back and slipping straight back into our pattern of illnesses - snotty noses and coughs agaaaaain. Arrrgh.

It's a great season for wildflowers. The Tassie coastal bush was looking spectacular and reminded me of WA. The kids had a great time on the beach and I (cos I'm tough!) had a couple of swims.

I'm gearing up for a last push at making for Niche market which starts on Friday (4-8pm on Friday (with a bar!) and 10 -4 on Saturday). It's going to be fun and I have a big bunch of clothes, hair thingies, t-shirts, headbands, sewing kits, brooches and even some Christmas decorations. Come and have a chat if you can - I'll be sneaking a glass of wine behind my stall!

Thursday, October 28


While I'm on the subject of my relatives, this was my Gran. Such a beautiful little girl. Her creativity came out in the kitchen. I have her handwritten recipes which get more and more difficult to read but are a lovely reminder for me and my kids.

Great Granny's biscuits - Coconut Crisps

1/4 lb butter
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup plain flour
2 cups cornflakes
1 1/2 cups coconut
1 egg
1/2 cup caster sugar
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp bicarb
1/2 tsp Vanilla

Cream butter and sugar. Beat in egg and vanilla. Then dry ingredients. Add a little milk. Bake 12-15 mins.

Monday, October 25

Jeweller to the Lost

I got a nice surprise the other day when I succumbed to my current magazine addiction (it's to do with the mistaken belief that I'll get to sit quietly with a coffee!) and found my Mum's cousin in a two page feature. She's Barbara Heath an amazingly talented jeweller based in Brisbane and isn't she gorgeous? Such a stunning photo. My close family are not crafty, creative types (no offence family!) but I love to see it is in the genes somewhere. Another of Mum's cousins is a well known cartoonist.
My folks owe me a present and I'm angling at something from Barbara. It would be perfect I think and lovely to have something made by her. Are you reading this Mum?

Friday, October 22

Show and Tell

Here are a few recent secondhand store/market scores. It's no wonder I feel surrounded by clutter - I have this need to collect.

1970s huon pine armchairs. They have leather backs and bases. I will eventually cover the cushions with charcoal or maybe a more modern chocolate brown fabric. Eventually. The old fabric goes well with yoghurt spills! From the Launceston Salvage Centre.

Original and pristine (we'll change that) 1960s saucer chair swapped for 5 ugly wall lights and our two old wall heaters! Brilliant. Launceston Salvage Centre again. The cushion was a Niche market purchase from Red Wren Designs.

We really didn't need any more canisters but how could I not buy these. They were only $15 for the lot. I can't go past a bargain like that!