Friday, July 30

Moving on...

from the last post as it makes me feel a bit negative. I've nicked this photo from Loz and Dinny of these quilts I made and forgot to photograph. They're pretty wonky (but don't tell Tavish and Arlo) and I discovered that even with a walking foot you have to be really careful when quilting flannel. There's a lot of puckering on the back. I've got some of the fabric left so Arj will be getting one too one of these days. The fabric is All Star by Riley Blake which you can get here. It's perfect for boys.

Today I lost my temper.

Properly I mean. Not just a little bit. I didn't yell or shout or kick anything but I did feel shakey for about half an hour afterwards. Not nice. This has maybe happened about 6 times in my life.

I wasn't going to blog this as I sometimes think bitchy blog posts can come across pretty badly, but well, this week has been a bit of a shocker and I maybe just reached the end of my tether but I also think I stuck up for my kids and myself in a way that was completely reasonable. I'm pretty tough on my kids in shops, I don't like them touching and playing with things, in fact I sometimes think I'm too tough on Chloe. So, shop owner, if you don't want young kids in your shop don't have a crate full of toddler toys for them to play with. My kids were happily playing and Chloe just brushed her hand along some merchandise that was right next to the toys. The shop owner (who has been rude to me a number of times in the past) told her off, I said "I am watching them," then she backchatted me to another customer. Needless to say we won't be going back there ever again.

So, it sounds like a tiny thing now it's written down. It didn't feel like it at the time.

Poor little Arj has been sick for what seems like weeks now. He's been going up and down with an ear infection that is proving difficult to shake and probably a virus on top of it. He's on his third lot of antibiotics for this infection. The last one took three lots too. Have any of you had experiences like this? I think he's teething too and the doctor said that some kids have this trouble until they stop teething. I really hope he doesn't. He's so, so miserable.

Poor little Chloe got her thumb stuck in a door this week too. She's OK but it was horrible anyway.

Now, that's the bad things out of the way. Time for the good things. We had a lovely Brown Owls meet up last night in the Wood Design Centre. It's the most beautiful building with the most beautiful collection of furniture. I met one of my old flatmates from Uni there for the first time since Uni - a long time ago now - and it was so nice to see her.

On the work front, I've got an exciting stockist lined up for the sewing kits. Considering how little time I've had to do anything this week that's amazing!! The GIVEAWAY is still open. Make sure you enter. Go on, you know you want to.

Tuesday, July 27

Uptown Girl

First off, don't forget! There's a giveaway down below. Go enter!

A while ago I made Chloe a version of Make It Perfect's Uptown Girl jacket. Here she is modelling it and her new fringe which she's terribly keen on. She spends a lot of time checking herself out in the mirror these days. Putting lip balm and jewellery on and flouncing about in her Cinderella dress. Unfortunately she doesn't want to wear the jacket, in fact she doesn't want to wear anything I've made her except said Cinderella dress. I made the jacket a little large anyway and I know she'll come round. It just takes a couple of months and all of a sudden it'll be the best thing since sliced bread so any day now I suppose.
So, anyway, if you're wanting to make any lovely little jackets I highly recommend this pattern. It was well written, constructed and fun to make and I've just noticed it comes in larger sizes now too. I'm really happy with how it turned out and the fabric choices. Being reversible makes it more exciting for Chloe too.

Oh, and you can sorta see behind Chloe the toy kitchen Sam and I made in a combined effort. He did most of the work, I did the sewing, purchasing of fittings and "creative direction." It's very strongly based on this pattern but we scaled it up and used MDF instead of cardboard.

Sunday, July 25


I'd really like your opinion! I have a new product that I've been slowly working on for a while. It's a sewing kit for a waterproof cosmetic bag. The thing is, what with the kids, other work projects, housework, trying to have a bit of a social life, the endless washing, washing, washing, etc, it's taken a while and I've lost any sense of objectivity. I'd love if you could take a look at them here or here and tell me what you think. Even if you just tell me which is your favourite fabric. Everyone who comments will go into a draw for the kit containing their favourite fabric.

The kits contain fabric, vinyl, zipper, pattern and detailed instructions. I've had fun choosing a bunch of cute fabrics designed by Aussies (Danielle Stewart, Aunty Cookie and Melbomba so far) and hand screen printed in Australia. If these work out I'll be looking at increasing the range of fabrics.

I'll draw the winner on Monday the 2nd of August.

PS You can choose the tree print in blue, or the protea print in aubergine if you prefer.

Friday, July 23

Stuff I love

Rainbow stripes and a combi. Really, what more could you ask for. I have bought this tapestry kit and am happily stitching away through the Tour de France. It's by Granny Knits.

Maybe this one will be next! From Clothkits.

This jacket reproduced from the original 70s Clothkits designs. I'm sure I remember this from my Mum's catalogues when I was little. This is underway for Arj. I'm hoping I'll get it done before the end of winter! Available here. So cute, it even has a tractor and three farm animal prints to make into softies that fit in the pockets.

Checking out fabric both vintage and new on True Up.

The new fabric line from American Jane. Love it. I always love American Jane fabrics. I really seem to be drawn to the clear bright mainly primary colours. Available here.

These Auntie Cookie papercut fabrics. A bargain!

Lino Forest and Find, Make, Do blogs.

Monday, July 12


My very good friend Katey has just published her first (maybe of many!) book. It's a beautifully designed book of striking black and white designs for babies from birth to 6 months. I can vouch for my two babies loving black and white pictures - I just wish Katey's book had been available for them. It really is gorgeous. Check it out here. From now on anyone I know who has a baby will be getting one!

Friday, July 9


Lovely fabrics from Danielle Stewart. For my new project. There'll be a giveaway very soon. Just need to make a few samples and finalise packaging. Exciting!

Wednesday, July 7

Bathroom inspiration?

Love this! I'm trawling the net looking for bathroom inspiration and wondering about a bright stripey shower using tiles. This is Corian and Missoni and way, way, way beyond our means. I've got some graph paper, photos of tile samples and some textas and I'm going to work on some stripes of my own. Fun! What do you reckon? Any ideas?

Tuesday, July 6

Sweet Tooth

Both my kids have definitely inherited my sweet tooth. Their Dad is much more restrained when it comes to fattening sugary things. Arj was in his element with the cakes at his birthday party. He was spotted determinedly licking his plate after demolishing a lump of birthday cake.
**AAARGH. Not again. I must be doing something wrong but I swear I already rotated this photo! I give up.

Friday, July 2


Brooches (for grownups!) available at Made It. Handprinted fabric by Showpony all the way from Scotland.